How to Earn Top-Dollar for Your Sandy Springs Home for Sale

How to Earn Top-Dollar for Your Sandy Springs Home for Sale

  • Kelly Boudreau
  • 04/4/23

Selling a home is a large commitment for those who list. The excitement of finding someplace new to live can be dampened if your home doesn’t sell as well as expected. But there are several ways a seller can set themselves up for success. When listing homes for sale in Sandy Springs, here’s how you can earn top dollar.

Time out your sale

Timing is crucial to getting the types of offers you want. Market trends and seasonality are a couple of main factors that determine if it’s a good time to sell. Seasonally, it’s best to list a home in spring for the best offers. This is when most buyers are searching for homes, which means there’s more buyer competition. When monitoring market trends, search for seller’s conditions. Signs your local market favors sellers include an increase in closed sales, a decrease in inventory, and an increase in median price.

Cities in the Atlanta area, like Sandy Springs, are currently experiencing a cooling market. This is partially due to seasonal trends. Residential sales have decreased by 40.2% compared to the same time last year. Housing inventory has risen 45.9%, while new listings are on the decline. Although inventory is still low, it is higher than in previous months. Sellers may face challenges with less buyer demand but can expect good offers for their properties.

Price your home right

The price on a home listing has the power to make or break a home sale. Overpricing a home makes it more difficult for qualified buyers to find your property. Buyers may not consider your property at all in their search if they think it is priced incorrectly. This can cause your Sandy Springs real estate to linger on the market. Homes that spend a long time on the market can seem suspicious or undesirable to buyers. To compensate, sellers may have to lower the price of their original listing.

Although underpricing can lead to a speedy sale, it still comes with its downsides. For one, sellers miss out on potential profit. Sellers who don’t make enough on their home sale may not have enough profits to finance closing costs or any renovations and repairs. It’s best to work with an agent to price your home correctly. They can use a comparative market analysis to understand your home’s value. In Sandy Springs, properties have a median list price of $619,000.

Make your home as perfect as possible

Not all homes will appeal to a buyer’s subjective taste and style preferences. Sellers can still make a property appealing by eliminating any additional reasons to discount the home. Make your home as perfect as possible by finishing repairs and choosing select upgrades.

Finish repairs

Incomplete repairs can seriously dock your home’s value. Rather than waiting for buyers to order a home inspection during the closing process, hire an inspector before listing. This gives you the time and opportunity to fix problems. If you don’t have the time or means to make repairs, the information of a home inspection can help you price your property correctly, so it doesn’t linger on the market.

Large fixes like major roof repairs, plumbing issues, or structural problems can be serious deal breakers for buyers. Repair these issues as soon as possible. A common home inspection issue in the Atlanta area includes unsafe levels of radon gas from granite, soil, and water. Other issues to look out for include mold, termites, and synthetic stucco that’s been installed incorrectly.

Select upgrades

Upgrades that have buyer interest and a high return on investment (ROI) can seriously boost your home’s value. Sellers listing homes for sale in Sandy Springs should consider their property’s value before planning the scale of the project. In Atlanta, garage door replacements have a high ROI and are valued by buyers. To boost curb appeal, consider replacing your siding with stone veneer siding. Inside the home, bathroom, and kitchen renovations always have a high ROI.

Polish the interior and exterior

A polished look throughout the home will impress buyers and increase the perceived value of your property. Stage your home’s interior by deep cleaning and decluttering each room. This gives your home a refreshed and spacious look. Then, depersonalize spaces by taking down family photos. Doing so helps buyers imagine the property as their own. Redecorate in light and neutral tones, as this appeals to most buyers.

In more residential areas like Sandy Springs, curb appeal also has a large impact on buyers. Make sure the front yard’s landscaping is well maintained, walkways are clean and cleared, and personal décor is removed. Make the front entrance welcoming by cleaning or repainting your front door. Sweep away any debris, then place a new welcome mat or hang a decoration from the door. This gives buyers a favorable first impression.

Partner with a local professional

Local professionals have much more experience selling Sandy Springs real estate than the average seller. They’re knowledgeable about the area’s local market trends and can help you price and time your sale. They know what buyers in the area are looking for and can help you select upgrades or complete staging, so it appeals to them. Professionals also use marketing tactics to boost your home’s exposure. This gives sellers a better chance of receiving multiple offers. An agent is a seller’s guide into the local market, providing them advice to garner a higher sale.

Use these tips to sell your home

When selling your property, there are plenty of steps a seller can take to earn top dollar. To make the right choices, seek the advice of local professionals like expert agents. They’ll know how to weigh a home’s features, neighborhood amenities, and other factors when listing your property. They can also keep you on track during the selling process. When you’re ready to start planning your home sale, contact trusted local agent Kelly Boudreau to guide you through the process.

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