5 Home Staging Tips That Make a Big Impact

5 Home Staging Tips That Make a Big Impact

  • Kelly Boudreau
  • 04/4/23

To reel in buyers to your Chastain Park real estate, home staging has a major effect. Preparing the home indicates to buyers the property was well cared for. It can also help buyers imagine the property as their own. By partnering with a local agent, they can guide you on how to stage to appeal to buyers in the area. When staging your home, here are five tips that make a big impact.

1. Start clean and fresh

Giving the home a deep clean is essential to leaving buyers with a good impression of the home. No detail is too small to attend to when preparing. Sweep and mop floors, vacuum and shampoo carpets, and dust off the nooks and crannies of each room. Wipe away the grime from walls and baseboards, dust off fans and light fixtures, and clean reflective surfaces. Doing so helps your home look sparkling and new.

If you don’t have time to clean the whole house, there are a few areas that must be cleaned. A dirty bathroom will always leave a negative impression on buyers. Scrub out the bathtub, wipe down the mirrors, and clean the toilet. As cooking requires sanitary surfaces, a clean kitchen is also a must. Run the dishwasher and clear out the sink. Don’t neglect hidden aspects like scents. Be attentive to odors related to pets, trash, and shoes.

2. Keep spaces organized

Another tip for staging homes for sale in Sandy Springs is to keep spaces organized. Keeping rooms tidy helps them look bigger and visually less confusing. Mess can also detract from a home’s desirable features. Focus on open areas like bookshelves, pantry shelves, and open cabinets. Also, organize areas like closets, drawers, and other storage spaces. Keeping these areas clean shows buyers there’s enough space to accommodate their lifestyle.

Start the organization process by sorting your belongings into three categories: items to donate, throw away, and keep. Then, reorganize belongings into the existing space. If the area is still looking cramped, consider renting out a storage unit. Packing up belongings safely can also reduce packing time when you’re ready to move.

3. Home staging breakdown

When you have the foundation laid, start staging your home. Different rooms appeal to buyers in different ways. As a stager, it’s important to take advantage of each area’s perks. Rooms with the largest impact on buyers are the primary bedroom, living room, and kitchen. If you’re under a time constraint, focus on those rooms first. Here are some tips on how to stage these areas.

  • Primary bedroom: The primary bedroom should appear put together and cozy. Bedrooms are a person’s retreat from a day out. Make it comforting by keeping the bed made, adding pillows or a throw blanket to soften edges, and keeping the floor clean. If there’s a connecting bathroom, be sure to stage it with a clean and bright look.

  • Living room: The living room is an area to relax and socialize. As such, furniture should be properly sized and situated to allow ease of conversation. Keep natural walkways clear and create a sense of cohesion with a focal point.

  • Kitchen: The kitchen works as a meal prep station and an area to socialize. Welcome buyers with a bright room, clear countertops, and simple décor. Make sure stainless-steel appliances are free of fingerprints, and aim for an updated look with new hardware.

  • Tricky rooms: As a bonus, trick rooms that evade a set purpose also benefit from staging. Buyers appreciate usable space in a home. Turning an odd side room into a reading nook or an alcove into a station for mail and keys can solve problems while appealing to buyers.

4. Aim for bright and neutral

Not all buyers who look for homes for sale in Sandy Springs have the same taste. To account for all differences in style, stick to neutral colors. Lighter shades like white, gray, and tan are ideal for home staging. A fresh coat of paint covers any blemishes as well, which makes a home feel new. It also helps a home’s features stand out, while a garish or dark tone may distract from them.

To compliment neutral tones, keep your home’s interior bright. Leaving a room in shadow can make it appear smaller than it is. It also gives off a cold or gloomy mood. Light opens up spaces and welcomes buyers in. Let in as much natural light as possible by opening blinds and pulling back curtains. Make artificial light uniform by using the same wattage and color of the bulb.

5. Bump up curb appeal

For properties like Chastain Park real estate that are within residential neighborhoods with ample landscaping, tending to curb appeal is a must. Maintain landscaping by trimming trees and bushes, mowing the lawn, and pruning weeds. Wash off a walkway from any stray plant life, dust, or scuffs. If the front of your home is looking weathered from storms or dust, consider power washing the front. Stage outdoor areas like porches and patios as well.

Regardless of the size of your front yard, an area that all sellers can improve is their front entry. Take the time to wipe down the door, hinges, and doorknob. Then sweep away any dust or cobwebs from corners. Create an inviting air by adding a wreath or a new doormat.

Ready to stage your home?

When staging your home, these five tips always impress buyers. Start with a deep clean of the home, then declutter spaces. This makes your property look new and spacious. Make sure each room is serving its purpose, or create a purpose for trickier rooms. To help you stage your home for a sale, consider partnering with a local agent. They know what buyers in the area value and can provide staging tips and resources. When you’re ready to sell your home, contact experienced local agent Kelly Boudreau to guide you through the process.

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