5 Small Updates to Sell Your Buckhead Home for More

5 Small Updates to Sell Your Buckhead Home for More

  • Kelly Boudreau
  • 05/12/23
Buckhead is a trendy district north of Midtown Atlanta, covering most of the area’s neighborhoods. The elegant residential streets are lined with majestic trees and feature some of the most remarkable architecture in the south, including stunning mansions and the prized Swan House at the Atlanta History Center. As one of the country's most affluent districts, everything from single-family homes to high-rise condominiums and commercial spaces is available. If you own a piece of Buckhead real estate, you’ll want to know which updates will help you get the most value down the line.

There are many ways to improve the value of a home and ensure top dollar. Even if your luxury home is in excellent condition, there are likely home improvement upgrades that will make it more appealing. Some improvements, like a complete remodel, can be significant but often don’t have to be. No matter the size of the project, some modifications will create more value than others. Here are five minor updates to help you sell your Buckhead home for more money.

Amplify your outdoor spaces

If you have a beautiful luxury home with a stunning interior, but the exterior is drab, the odds of buyers passing up your home upon arrival are high. You can combat this with curb appeal. Have your hedges trimmed and the flower beds cleaned up, and remove loose branches where necessary. If it needs one, a fresh coat of paint on the house or front door will go a long way in breathing new life into the home. Add flower pots, a new welcome mat, and splashes of color to attract buyers.

Another excellent way to maximize outdoor space is to create a usable space to enjoy. People love being outdoors, especially in the warm Georgia weather, so creating a relaxing space in the backyard will increase value and appeal. Consider adding a deck if you don’t have one, build a firepit, or create additional seating for people to relax and enjoy a quiet evening. Use lighting to add ambiance and highlight the area, creating interest and adding value. If you have a pool, you may consider adding an outdoor shower. This unique feature is highly appealing, especially for those with children.

Update your kitchen

A complete kitchen remodel is not necessary for adding appeal and value to a home. Small changes like replacing the counters with granite or adding trendy pendant lights over the sink will go a long way. The kitchen is considered the “heart of the home” and should be highlighted as such. Maybe your kitchen is a bit outdated or doesn’t have a ton of storage. You can add new cabinets to create more space, swap your old appliances for brand-new stainless steel, or add a stone backsplash for a fresh look. You can consider hiring a contractor who will work with you to figure out how to update your kitchen quickly and match your home’s style.

Update your bathroom

Another excellent project to add value to your home is the bathroom. Similarly to the kitchen, minor upgrades will go a long way, depending on your time and budget. This could mean adding new shower tiles, upgrading the cabinets or sinks, or adding a separate tub to create the feeling of a luxurious spa. Consider things like repainting the cabinets, installing new floors, and updating the light fixtures. Don’t underestimate a fresh coat of paint, either. A coat of neutral-colored paint is a simple task and one of the easiest ways to add value and create a warm space.

Create useable square footage

Additional square footage can significantly impact the value of your home and create more appeal with buyers. Consider adding an addition to the house if you have the time and budget. If a complete addition isn’t in the cards, use spaces within the existing structure to create more usable space. If you have a room over the garage, turn it into a guest room or office. An unfinished basement is an excellent way to add functional space without expanding on the home and spending too much. Using a basement to add functional space requires minimal contracting but adds to the home’s value. Each subsequent room will create more value, so if you can use your basement to create multiple rooms, it will stretch the value further.

Square footage can significantly impact the value of your home and its appeal to buyers. Even if you’re looking to move because you want more space for your family, adding the space to your existing home will help create a more appealing space for buyers. More significant properties sell for more money, so it’s easy to see how this home improvement will add more value.

Have it professionally staged

While professional staging requires no updates to the structure, it will go a long way in creating a more appealing and valuable space for buyers. Data shows that more than 75% of professionally staged homes sold for more money and sat on the market for less time. Professional staging companies are well-versed in luxury properties and know how to style your home for the correct audience. They will know the current styles, the best upgrades for your home, and which features of your luxury home should be highlighted.

Staging varies from simply decluttering and depersonalizing the home to fully refinishing the home furnishings and decor to appeal to a broader audience. The more work put into staging a home, the more profit you'll gain.

Ready to sell your Buckhead home?

There are five ways you can add to the value of your home with relative ease. Hiring a reputable contractor or staging company can make things significantly more manageable. Contact Kelly Boudreau today if you’re ready to sell your Buckhead home. With over 25 years in the industry, she has everything you need to sell your home for top dollar. View other Buckhead homes for sale to see what the market is currently like in this area.

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